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This game uses letters as objects and applies physics to them, which I think is a really great idea. Good job devs!!!

Super game!

Great game, very challenging! It didn’t take me too long to figure out how to play it. Developer is very responsive, as I contacted him via email with a question, and he responded back in less than 24 hours.

Great Game!!

I love this game!! (Strangely I’ve always wanted to see letters do that!) Very satisfying!! There happens to be an error when I place a “reverse” in the “create” mode. It says, Runtime Error: bad argument #1 to ‘new Circle’ (number expected, got nil) Im assuming there is something undefined in line 1 of the developers code (Learning JavaScript 😀), just guessing. Could you please fix that? Thanks!!


Hey I love the game but there is one bug where if I try to place a gravity platform in the editor it crashes. Plz fix

(Space) cgyyy

This game will have you typing things like “(space)cgyyy” and watching hopefully. Fun, unique.


Love it. Great game,,

Best mobile game I’ve played.

The puzzles are great, and I love how you can skip ahead to other levels in case you get stuck on a previous one. For every one level you beat, you unlock two more, which keeps the game fresh, yet balanced. The concept is great, and executed perfectly. This game is cheap, making it very well worth the buy. If you like good puzzles, this is the game for you.

A good puzzle game

Some people are saying that Supertype needs to require the player to use actual words to solve puzzles, but I don’t think that’s a good idea. If you could only use real words, it would make the game into just another word game, as you wouldn’t need to worry about physics, just about the word itself. The whole game is based on physics. The letters could easily be replaced with shapes and the game would be the same, so making it into just a word game would not work. This is an awesome game for people who love puzzles. Definitely give this one a try.

Great game, great developer

Now because of this game and “o k a y ?” I only play games from this developer. These games are always creative. I strongly recommend to play this game and check out other games from this developer.

Such an original game concept!

This game is such a simple concept,butbit is so much fun! I absolutely love it!

cool, but unrewarding

Fun game with a cool concept, but as I continued playing I found that it was less about figuring out cool solutions to problems and more about finding the exact sequence of letters to complete a puzzle, where any other solution is clearly wrong. Frequently less like a puzzle, and more like a game of spamming letters until you find their solution.

Dumb game

What am I missing?

Fun for the game skeptic

I am the kind of boring person who finds games largely uninteresting and puzzles largely too-difficult. For some reason, this is inventive enough or amusing enough to capture my attention. 5 stars. I recommend it.

Cute fun game

This game is not too difficult but it is beautiful and very satisfiyig

Needs real words

I loved the concept ,but halfway through I realized you don’t have to use real words (as the screenshots imply) It would be MUCH more challenging , in my opinion, to have to use REAL WORDS!

Great Concept!

This game is one that takes a new look at how letters can function within a game. I thoroughly enjoyed this game and the different challenges it presents. Keep up the good work guys!

Expected more

It doesn’t even matter if you use a real word or not. Gets boring quickly.

Peaceful & Simple

This game is perfect to relax the mind, taking you away from your surroundings through fun, simple puzzles. It isn’t flashy, isn’t overly complex, and it brings a perfect amount of satisfaction for completing each puzzle.

Hardly a word game

I really liked the concept of this game: a word game mixed with a physics game, my two favorite genres of mobile game. But what I got was simply a physics game. A word game, typically, rewards you for knowing lots of words and what they mean. It at least encourages you to learn new ones. Any game where “llllllll” can be the answer is not a word game. It is a game that uses *letters* in a new and creative way, and props for that. But it could be so much more. What I would do: with each puzzle, include a definition or some cross-word like word hint that leads to a word which will satisfy the physics puzzle. That way if you get stumped on the physics, you can focus on the word hint, or vice versa. I downloaded this game at midnight, played it for 20 minutes, and then deleted it the next morning, because the charm and novel concept had worn off. The game that I’m describing, I would play for hours, and the game you’ve got is not far off. I just think it’s borderline false advertising to market this as a “word game.”’

Was Going Great...

Then it all ended. Funny how one unsolvable problem can antiquate the usefulness of an app.

Fun and clever

Well worth $2.

Good puzzle game.

Good game, challenging enough to last a while.

I actually play it.

I buy apps and games a lot but this one has given me the most bang for the buck. I’m actually stuck on a puzzle. I need help but couldn’t even tell you what level I’m on since none of them are really marked.

Loved It

Came for the clever mechanic, stayed for the surprising number of levels, aesthetic, and musicality. Nice work!

More levels, please!

Great fun, smart, funny. Looking forward to MORE. Thank you!

This is the one.

Every once in a while, a gamer comes along and writes a review about a game of the type that comes along once in a while. I am one such reviewer, and Supertype is that type of game. The game is effortless in execution, while offering just enough challenge to distract players from “life” for a few minutes. You don’t have to enter into deep concentration, and if you neglect to open the app for a week, you won’t forget where you where, or how to play. The game is as easy to out down as it is to pick up. If you have a busy lifestyle but are looking for some small distraction then you will appreciate Supertype.



How do you play?

No music - no instructions on how to play If settings are there I can’t find


fun and calming gameplay creative puzzlemaking makes you feel smart when you win my only issue is that there aren’t enough levels

Definitely not worth the money

Repetitive boring gameplay, should be a free game.

A hint option would be useful

Good game. I find these types of physics puzzles entertaining and challenging. These aren’t your boring match 3’s. That said some levels feel impossible and a hints feature might be well appreciated. Thanks.

Very good

At first very eas Now it get harder I can no beat some level it get very hard Buy game game very good


The ability to get an occasional head would be quite helpful. Otherwise, thoroughly enjoyable.

Super fun once you figure out the objective. I love it so far. Great game.

I’m addicted

Me and my friends love it

Legitimately there were 10 of us in a room and all of us absolutely enthralled with this game. Very well done!


I love puzzles, and I love art, but I especially love games that combine the two. This is a clean straightforward game, yet also a frustrating masterpiece.


Really good game Tip: think simple


Such a creative concept. Very entertaining 🤱


Son sold me on this game this evening and now I can’t stop! Thanks for a great game

Level 106

This game is pretty fun, but level 106 is nearly impossible, I know exactly how to solve it, but I just can’t get it to work It’s the drawing level.

I’ll never think about letters the same


Pretty good

I think personally it’s a good game but when I click check it mostly doesn’t work 😀

Not so good

A Really Stupid Game! Save your dollar :(


It is close but missed. For one, it should use a dictionary to ensure the words typed are valid. The way it is now, it is just me figuring out which letter will “perform” the way I need it to and I can just type gibberish. That feels wrong to me. I also feel like there should be some combination draw/typing puzzles and there should be some drawing with curves and not just straight lines. I give a second star for the creative idea. Just felt like it wasn’t thought through all of the way.

Clever and fun

Top notch physics based puzzle game with mechanics that really pushed the edges conventual thinking.

This typographic game’s fantastic!

I was hesitant to get this game at first—I’ve never been good at word puzzles—but the premise of the game seemed too interesting to pass up. I’m happy to report that i made the right decision! This game focuses on the typography more than the words, and allows you to come up with your own creative solutions around the shapes of the letters and how they interact. It’s sometimes fun to try finding words, but this game is great because I’m not forced to do so—and I’m occasionally encouraged not to! 💯 👍👍 ★★★★★

One of the best games of all time!

Enough said

Omg 😲😺😺😺😺😺😺😺

I will always love this game 😻😻


Don’t waste your money. It’s not a game. You type in letters that fall into the bottom of the screen. Unreal. I want my .99 back


No instructions. The purpose of game. No examples How to start the game. I have no idea what happens with buttons. This for a 4 year old ?

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